I’m an explorer. Of all things.

My favorite days are a combination of interesting people, something good to read, and moments when I can feel my brain stretching and working. My friends joke that I have a running data set in my head, and they know when I’m “scrolling” through it.

I like to build things. I love working with big picture ideas and breaking them into the little pieces that make the bigger picture possible. I love adding color, and something a little unusual, to each of my projects.

My favorite conversations begin with: Tell me, what are you thinking about/working on right now? I almost always have a good answer.

I blog, now, to keep me honest and share more of what I tend to keep scrawled away in the notebooks I keep at my side. Admittedly, my notebooks are primarily full of the scribbles of thoughts and delicious combinations of words. I savor words. The experience of them, the sound… really all of it.

But let’s not digress…

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