TEDxMunich 2014: Lessons from the Informal Economy

TEDGlobal 2013: Best practices for TEDxUniversity level events

TEDGlobal 2014: Demystifying the other economy

Sights Unseen: TED@250

ECCSF at Yale (2011): I love crazy art stunts for good causes



For Medium Members: What happens after an ICE raid

For Medium Members: The Fall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

How to talk to someone citing fake news

In Code Like a Girl: A case for helping your teammates negotiate their contracts

Made by TED: From a fact checker: how to sort through news and fake news

TED Blog: 10 years of evolving biotech (for the 10 year anniversary of talks on

TED Blog: From 1984-2016: TED Talks on interfaces to our technology (for the 10 year anniversary of talks on

Levo League: Making the most of your senioritus

Feast on Good Blog: Visual Storytelling

Feast on Good: Social Impact Bonds

Feast on Good: Community Based Health Education

Yale Graduation Issue: On Reckoning

Yale Daily News Columns from 2010-2013

Yale Daily News: After the Boston Marathon Bombing

Yale Daily News: The Latino Voting Block Myth, 2012 Election

Yale Daily News: For More Inclusive Activism

Yale Daily News: On the Secure Communities Act in Connecticut

Yale Daily News: On my remittances research and hidden fees in remittance transfers

TEDActive Blog: Meg Jay Workshop — Are You Supernormal?

TEDActive Blog: TEDActive Takes Barbara Corcoran’s Entrepreneur IQ Test



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