Call your congress people about the tax bill. Today.

From a very concerned graduate student: PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE ABOUT THE TAX BILL ASAP. Asking very earnestly for your help. Please help.

This bill includes language that charges already pretty broke grad students for the tuition waiver they receive to attend school. In total, this means many grad students would be taxed as though they are making an extra $30,000-$50,000 that they in reality do not have access to in any form of liquidity. That’s a HUGE difference in what it means to be able to pay rent/eat/keep the lights on.

If it passes, I know a number of students in a variety of fields who would need to consider dropping out and abandoning their research. It will mean that labs lose some of their most important researchers and a lot of the research that helps create informed debate will be lost.

This feels like an assault on our academic institutions because they do not follow the sway of think tanks backed by billionaires. Without these students and an academic future, we risk only producing research that serves a handful of oligarchs and private research through pharmaceutical companies that can continue to charge you $$$$$$ for everything you consume when you are sick.

I study labor and want to keep studying labor because I am terrified of a future that looks like serfdom. I don’t believe in the “economic eugenics” of the far far right. I don’t believe that your salary, your savings account, and your access to liquidity says anything about who you are as a person or a neighbor. I don’t want to live in anything resembling that society because that is extremely dangerous for everyone.

I believe in a society that takes care of each other, especially when some of us stumble and need a little more help.

Please call your congress people.

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