I love Informal Speaker Rehearsals

We’re in the thick of things leading up to TED2016. It means a lot of setting up and building a magical space, reviewing the last few primary sources for a fact check, and lots of informal speaker rehearsals.

I love the informal speaker rehearsals.

These are rehearsals we offer for speakers, sometimes with speaker coaches and sometimes with just me or another member of the team… and a few of the other speakers waiting for their turn to give it a go.

I love watching the friendships that develop here, between speakers and our team. I love that talks are interrupted to ask clarifying questions but also, hold on, can you tell me more about your research because that sounds amazing, questions. They start to give each other feedback, and hugs in the hallway before the each go up for their talks.

I love that TED creates a common language, even for just a few moments. It’s a beautiful moment when I can see bridges forming between disciplines and thinkers, and these incredible thinkers see each other prepare during an informal rehearsal… to end a rehearsal with “wow. that’s… so cool!”

It’s been a beautiful and busy week. I am learning so much, so fast. I am grateful and inspired.