New York City at Dawn

I peeled myself out of my apartment this morning to join the group down at Pier 40 for this morning’s halloween themed Daybreaker party.

Daybreaker is a party series organized by some New Yorkers who wanted to offer an early morning, substance free dance party to the city. The crowd changes with every event, people are there to have fun, be completely un-self-conscious and welcome the dawn with upbeat music and happiness. The DJ this morning kept chanting “we love life” and that really feels like it embodies the spirit of the event and the crowd.

Not to mention the completely breathtaking views from the boat this morning:

Tribeca just before Sunrise
Tribeca just before Sunrise
Tribeca as the sun peaks over the horizon

We wandered around between the decks and the different rooms on the ship. Sometimes dancing near two guys in a siamese twin costume they had created, a glowing dinosaur, a guy dressed up as lady gaga, a series of tigers, and a zombie hot dog.

What a great way to start Thursday morning! I am surprised there aren’t sober early morning dance parties at TED… maybe it’s time to start them!

Live music, happiness and DJs at Dawn in the harbor

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